MIX Broadcast Ltd facilitates and produces content that is published on TV, radio and online. In executing our contracts, we may handle and store the following forms of your personal information:

Some of your data will be stored for legal, contractual or financial reasons. We'll keep this for the necessary length of time. This data is typically stored on local computers and servers (password protected) and online cloud storage (encrypted and behind strong authentication settings).

Raw audio, video and photos will typically be stored for 1 year to 2 years after a project has been completed. Given the expense related to re-recording certain material, we will often make copies of this data and store it on multiple hard drives, servers and cloud storage. We would expect our clients (or individuals) to express any alternative requirements for such storage.

We archive finished productions without any retention rules. We endeavour to maintain at least one copy of every completed project. We store these productions for legal reasons and to assist clients wishing to recover previous projects. Our archive is stored on hard drives, local servers and cloud storage.

We acknowledge that some of the data we maintain will be sensitive - especially given the nature of some of our audio and video productions. Such data may contain images of children or reveal political or religious leanings.

We are able to provide you with copies of the data we hold on you within 28 days of such a request. We may require identification documents to verify you. At your request we can remove your data but will retain certain records for legal reasons for the required period. Where the removal of data will result in a "re-edit" of a client's production, we may pass your request directly to the client in question.

We will update this privacy document as we continue to review the security and integrity of the data we store. You are welcome to contact via enquires@mixbroadcast.com